the stars were their silent witnesses
My name is Leigh and I am a cis female "kink angel". My personality type is ENFJ.

I am a Creative Writing student living in the UK, and would like to write for video games.

Bioshock, Discworld, Disney, Final Fantasy, Game of Thrones, Homestuck, How to Train Your Dragon, Kingdom Hearts, Marvel, Pokémon, Portal, Sherlock, Star Trek, The Chaos Walking Trilogy, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Welcome to Night Vale.

I post a lot of slash art, so follow at your own risk!

Icon art credit to archia!



R.Lutece - Raffle 1902

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Extensive research has concluded that this indeed, is the greatest line in animated film history.

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flamiekitten sent:

I just haven't been able to smooch my cockatiel in 2 months I miss him!!!!!


Don’t be sad leigh look here’s a cute gif of one cute cockatiel

oh my gosh it’s gonna be wonderful he’s gonna smell so good and be so soft i’m gonna pet him for hours




am I starting to draw porn? what’s happening? idk


Its my headcanon that baby night furies have more pronounced spotting. Ive drawn one before but I wanted to draw them again cuz we were talking about it >v<

I also think of baby night furies as rolly polly nubby little chubs.  This one isn’t a new born, probably about the size of a labrador. 


the cuddliest cockatiel.

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no but seriously you ship SMAUGBO i mean, THEY’RE ENEMIES like how unlikely. and then you have toothless n hiccup who are BEST BROS we all knew it’s statistically likely that you’d ship Toothcup. it’s just science :3

yeah YEAAAAAH I know I know it makes more sense in that light BUT I was always like…… YEAH SMAUG SHAPESHIFTER IT’S OKAY HE’S A HOT DRAGON /MAN/ and then toothcup it’s just no toothless is still a night fury LOL

i ship it

ship toothcup? what no not me wrong person nope you’re looking in the wrong direction i don’t ship toothcup no yOUR MOM SHIPS TOOTHCUP

showed my roommate the forbidden friendship scene (she’s never seen httyd) and just ahhh there are tears in my eyes

why do nerds even fucking care so much about new thor and cap. thor odinson and steve rogers aren’t even fucking “going away” they’re just gonna be in a different comic



because babies dont have object permanence

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