the stars were their silent witnesses
My name is Leigh and I am a cis female "kink angel". My personality type is ENFJ.

I am a Creative Writing student living in the UK, and would like to write for video games.

Bioshock, Discworld, Disney, Final Fantasy, Game of Thrones, Homestuck, How to Train Your Dragon, Kingdom Hearts, Marvel, Pokémon, Portal, Sherlock, Star Trek, The Chaos Walking Trilogy, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Welcome to Night Vale.

I post a lot of slash art, so follow at your own risk!

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Felt like drawing this which is about famous dragons that lived on Middle Earth. If people thought Smaug was huge, well he is basically an ant compared to Ancalagon. Granted, I am not so sure if I got the other dragon’s sizes and look correct, but I wanted to basically do my take on them.

Character Design from Maleficent


The Pokédexes throughout the years

I thought I was going to school to be other people, but really, what I learned was to be myself - accepting myself, my strengths and weaknesses. -Lupita Nyong’o

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Les Beehive – Liv Tyler by Ellen von Unwerth


Jupiter’s great red spot. A hurricane three times the size of our whole planet that’s been raging for centuries.


Video game store makes the most of their broken shutters. [x]



Imagine after he shoots Magnussen, Sherlock is anxiously washing his hands and face, then looks up at the mirror in front of him and all he can see surrounding his reflection is the word ‘murderer’.

And then a short while later he sees John who turns to him and smiles a sad but comforting smile, and all Sherlock sees surrounding John is the word ‘safe’

Welcome to Night Vale + Cecil’s favorite things to say, quotes series. 

"And with Vikings on the backs of dragons, the world just got a whole lot bigger.”

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people are saying that you have to hand in your disney maingate passes on the last day you work

so far as i know, that’s the 6th for me

the day rosie’s coming

the day rosie’s coming so we could go to the disney parks on the 7th and 8th


toothless and hiccup cuddle-sleeping requested by flamiekitten

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Oh—it’s you. It’s been a long time. How have you been? I’ve been really busy being dead. You know, after you murdered me.


My dad made it sound so easy. He’s really good at camping, and how to make fire from rocks and stuff. He used to come to all my sweat lodge meetings. And afterwards, we’d go get ice cream at Fenton’s. I always get chocolate and he gets butter brickle. Then we sit on this one curb right outside, and I count all the blue cars and he counts all the red ones, and whoever gets the most, wins. I like that curb.